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Guitar Lessons

Strumming Shenanigans: Guitar Lessons for Kids that Rock and Roll! 🎸😄 Get ready for a wild ride as your little rockstar dives into the world of guitar lessons.


Included with lessons:

  • Laughter

  • Catchy riffs from songs kids love

  • Wild poses that would make any rock legend proud

  • Delightful mix of twang, buzz, and the occasional triumphant chord

Is 30 minutes enough for a guitar lesson?


For most, 30 minutes is long enough. At the beginning it can be tough on the fingers. So 30 mins is just enough. However, not everyone is the same and we can accommodate 45 or 60 min lessons.


Sure, we also include the "boring" stuff like learning to read notes/TAB, play in time and hold the guitar. 

Are guitar lessons worth taking?


It's like entering a secret clubhouse where coolness is measured by the number of strings you can pluck. Picture this: tiny fingers wrestling with guitar strings, creating a sound that's awesome. 


Yes, guitar lessons are worth taking. The versitility of a guitar is superb. Take it camping, to friends, to a cottage. There's nothing like sitting in front of a campfire and singing songs. 

Learning guitar is about creating memories that last a life time. A year-long endeavour. 


With a mix of patience and amusement, your guitar teacher guides your child through the magical realm of frets and chords. You'll witness their journey from air guitar heroes to string-strumming dynamos, equipped with funny faces and .


Embrace the melodic chaos and occasional out-of-tune notes as your little one rocks their way to stardom, armed with a six-string weapon of awesomeness. Get ready for laughter, , and the undeniable urge to start a family band. Let the musical mayhem begin!

Fun guitar lessons for beginners

Footprints Music teacher in Toronto giving a guitar lesson

Easy instructions so you don’t miss a note!

Your child will start playing songs from day one. While it is more challenging for younger students (ages 4 or 5) once the fundamentals are worked through, playing sounds cooler. We use Hal Leonard books and songs students want to learn. From Classical rock to modern pop, there isn't a style we can teach. For Beginner guitar lessons, intermediate or advanced, students grow with each lesson. 


What To Expect:

A class that moves but has attention to detail.  These classes confidence and skills right away and be performance-ready in no time at all.

Strumming, chords, tabs, and jamming are all included.

Hamilton | Toronto

Call 416-792-6683 or Text 647-961-6683 Today

Bass Lessons

Bass lessons for beginners that are fun

At Footprints Music, we provide bass lessons for everyone from beginners to experienced players. Our teachers make learning fun and easy - they're passionate about your success! 

  • Your lessons are designed to take the complexity out of learning an instrument,

  • Highly experienced and educated instructors

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your skills, Footprints Music has the right program for you. With our help, you’ll play the bass like a pro in no time.

Learn how to hold the bass, picking techniques and songs you love. Bass is about the groove, so timing is everything. Learn to play 'in the pocket' and playing the bass with a drummer. We offer bass lessons in Hamilton and bass lessons in Toronto

Bass lessons for advanced that push the limits

Our bass lessons are tailored to each individual student, helping them to reach their goals. From advanced bass lesson techniques to improving your timing, our instructors will provide you with the tools you need to become a better bass player. We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals and become the best bass player you can be.

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