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Guitar Lessons

Step-by-step so you don’t miss a note!



Step-by-step so you don’t miss a note!

Your child will start playing songs from day one. While it is more challenging for younger students (ages 4 or 5) once the fundamentals are worked through, playing sounds cooler. We use Hal Leonard books and songs students want to learn. From Classical rock to modern pop, there isn't a style we can teach. For Beginner guitar lessons, intermediate or advanced, students grow with each lesson. 


What To Expect:

A class that moves but has attention to detail.  Build your confidence and skills right away and be performance-ready in no time at all.

Learn a minimum of 2 guitar songs in one month. Strumming, chords, tabs, and jamming are all included.

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Strumming Shenanigans: Guitar Lessons for Kids that Rock and Roll! 🎸😄 Get ready for a wild ride as your little rockstar dives into the world of guitar lessons. It's like entering a secret clubhouse where coolness is measured by the number of strings you can pluck. Picture this: tiny fingers wrestling with guitar strings, creating a sound that's a delightful mix of twang, buzz, and the occasional triumphant chord. The guitar teacher, with a mix of patience and amusement, guides your child through the magical realm of frets and chords. You'll witness their journey from air guitar heroes to string-strumming dynamos, equipped with an arsenal of funny faces and wild poses that would make any rock legend proud. Embrace the melodic chaos and occasional out-of-tune notes as your little one rocks their way to stardom, armed with a six-string weapon of awesomeness. Get ready for laughter, catchy riffs, and the undeniable urge to start a family band. Let the musical mayhem begin!

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