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Voice Lessons

Vocal Extravaganza: Voice Lessons for All Ages, where Laughter Meets High Notes! 🎤😄 Get ready to unleash your inner diva, rockstar, or shower-singing superstar with our extraordinary voice lessons. Whether you're a pint-sized crooner, a teenage belter, or an adult wannabe opera singer, we've got you covered. Imagine a room filled with enthusiastic singers, from tiny tots with the cutest off-key warbles to teenagers who hit those high notes with a mix of skill and squeaks. Your vocal coach, armed with patience and a delightful sense of humor, guides you through vocal exercises that could rival a comedy show. Prepare for hilarious vocal warm-ups that make you feel like a vocal gymnast doing somersaults with your voice. We'll have you singing scales, falsettos, and the occasional dramatic operatic aria that leaves everyone in stitches. With each lesson, you'll embrace your unique voice, laugh at the wobbly moments, and discover the true joy of expressing yourself through song. Get ready for a musical journey where laughter meets harmony, and where everyone, from kids to adults, can find their own hilarious and heartfelt voice!

Hey, singing can be scary.


Singing in front of others can be terrifying.


But let's get your child singing first. Performing can come later.


Lessons are designed for each student. Because each student is different. 


Materials guide your child's class, not dictate! Lessons are a balance of technique, breathing and well...singing.

Fun and exciting lessons


No more boring lessons. No more trying to make your child an Opera singer (unless that's the goal!) 


Private voice lessons are offered in our Toronto and Hamilton locations.


Whether it is to sing in the shower or howl on stage these lessons will guide your little one to grow into a strong vocalist. Learn the master techniques of the best singers by your coach to reach the goals your child has dreamed of.

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