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FootPrints Music School

Welcome to Footprints Music School, where we're rewriting the script on music education! Teaching and lessons may have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, but we believe that the way kids and people learn has evolved. At Footprints Music, we focus on who kids learn from, the learning environment they experience, and the individualized approach that caters to each child's unique learning style.

Alex and Rachael, the proud owners of Footprints Music, observed these crucial factors and saw an opportunity to create a music school that truly cares about its community and families. We understood the need for music lessons that resonate with the vibrant neighbourhoods of North Toronto and Lawrence Park. Our school embraces flexible lesson schedules, offers spacious and inviting studios, and employs instructors who achieve remarkable success by providing lessons that children genuinely want.

As we expanded our vision, we found a second location in the welcoming city of Hamilton in 2019. With each step, we've continued to share our passion for music education and foster a nurturing environment that supports growth and creativity.

At Footprints Music School, we are not just about teaching music; we are about igniting a lifelong love for music in our students. We invite you to join our community of music enthusiasts, where the journey of learning is a joyous and transformative experience. Come walk with us on this melodic adventure as we create footprints of musical memories together!

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