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This Loog guitar is included in our lessons. Read more below 

Guitar Lessons For Ages 4-9

The perfect start for little hands

Learning guitar for kids has never been easier. The 3-stringed Loog Guitar is designed to make lessons fun and build kids' confidence faster. 

Ages 4+

We have everything you need to get start


Start Guitar The Right Way

Less Struggling. More Fun

Over the years, we've seen so many kids struggle with guitar lessons aged 4-9. Smaller hands and arms make guitar learning a challenge. 


Parents wonder what the best age to start is. And it's not age; it's been more, "How big is your child?" 6 strings can be overwhelming for a 5-year-old.

Until now. 


With the Loog Guitar, kids 4+ can focus on learning songs and worry less about hitting the right strings. Holding the instrument is WAY easier. Loog guitars start with three strings. With only three strings, melodies, chords, and strums are possible from the first class. 


Kids can struggle to learn with traditional guitars - even 3/4 and 1/2-sized guitars. Loog makes learning easier, which builds confidence! With less frustration and more success, kids stick with it because they can play songs sooner - from day one. 

Our classes are fun and light-hearted. Laughing, curiosity, patience and enjoyment are all important parts of our lessons. 


With the free optional app, kids want to practice more often. 


Start small and grow

Once students get proficient and comfortable with the Loog Mini or Pro Acoustic 3 string, all the learning can transfer to a six-stringed guitar! The Loog 3-stringed, 6-stringed and regular guitars share the same strings for learning. 

So students can start small and continue their learning after the transition to the 6-string. You can't do that with a ukulele!

No Need To Buy A Guitar

It's easy to get started! Lessons packs include:

No long-term commitment, cancel any time with 30 days notice.


Mini Pluckers

Ages 4-6

Loog Mini Guitar

Age groups

We offer lessons for either ages 4-6 or ages 6-9 years old. We always try to match ages as best as possible for group classes.


Big Pluckers

Ages 7-9

Loog Pro Acoustic

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