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Piano Lessons

Private and Semi-Private piano lessons are offered in our North Toronto and Hamilton locations.

Is learning piano worth it for kids?

Yes, it is worth it! It's a skill that gives back so much more: how to practice, setting and achieving goals, filling their life with music, performing are all skills that will transfer to other areas of their lives. 

Do you remember piano lessons as a child? Were they filled with lots of boring piano songs? 

Was your teacher mean and unfriendly? Did you loathe going for lessons?

We hear this all the time from parents. It was the main reason we started Footprints Music. We wanted fun piano lessons kids wanted to go to. 

Thousands of Success Stories

You child will be in good company. Our instructors teach to bring out the success story in everyone. We've taught every personality type:

Can't-sit-still personality

The perfectionist

Shyest of the shy

The chatterbox

The Joker 

Teen eye-roller

We've seen almost every personality type! And we know how to build a successful music program to put them on their road to reaching their goals.


How Much Should I spend on Piano Lessons?

Lessons generally range from $35-$70 per lesson. We bill lessons monthly - same amount each month to make billing easy. 



What is the best way to learn piano for kids??

We've found the most success by being patient and having fun in class. We want students to have a positive, lifelong love for music lessons. 


For beginners and kids aged 4-10, thirty minutes is plenty of time. They will get bored for anything longer. Adults and more advanced players benefit from 45-mins or 60-mins lessons. 

What is the best age to start lessons?

The best age to start is 5-8 years old.


Can a 4 year old learn piano?


We have taught 4-year-olds. Is 4 too young to start? It depends on the child. If they can sit and are engaged for most of the class they are ready. We've seen 4-year-olds who are ready and 9-year-olds who aren't.

Piano for beginners

Your child's lesson starts with a structured lesson plan that leads students through the best method that suits them. Our instructors balance the fundamentals with songs kids love to learn. Video game music, movie soundtracks, and pop songs are all possible! These aren't the boring lessons that piano students used to endure. They are fun, inspiring and confidence-building classes.

Piano for Advanced Students

Piano lessons for intermediate and advanced levels. Learn up to Grade 10 Royal Conservatory Method and beyond.  Want to learn more advanced jazz, blues or harmony our instructors are all highly trained and can play at a university level. 


Piano for Adults


Did you want to get back into the piano? Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro (who's a little rusty),  your lessons will be filled with laughter and learning to get you started or back on track. 

Are you looking for piano lessons in Toronto for your busy child? Moms love our flexibility with scheduling and how much fun their kids have. 

Play on Yamaha Instruments

We love Yamaha instruments. Their digital pianos are used for RCM-level testing. They have the best touch for a keyboard. Better than some entry-level pianos!



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