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Piano Lessons

Private, Semi-Private and group piano lessons are offered in our North Toronto and Hamilton locations.

The Social Butterfly of Musical Instruments

You want your child to excel at everything they do. Piano lessons are no exception. While your child will be engaged, challenged and have fun, the lessons and expectations are realistic. Music lessons are to complement their busy lives, not add stress! While we specialize in beginner piano lessons, our instructors enjoy teaching all levels.  The piano is the go-to instrument for every parent. And with great reason. Cognitive, social and behaviour benefits are a bonus to the many styles of music piano can be heard.  ​ Private or semi-private piano lessons are available. From beginner to expert, your child grows confidence and skills as they progress. ​ Lessons are assisted with RCM or other method books but designed for your child. As each student learns differently, we adapt to them while making it a fun experience. Our philosophy is 'music for life,' and we make sure our students want to return. 

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