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7 Reasons Why A Kids' Music Class Is the Best Thing Ever

Kids group music classes can be the best way to start lessons. They're engaging, fun and can bring out the best from any student. Here are 7 Reasons why group music classes are the best thing ever.

  1. Making Friends - This is the most fun anyone can have in a class, music or otherwise — making long-lasting friends. The connection is magic! We’ve had rock band camps and classes where kids have been friends for years. Much of the fun is seeing other kids your child gets along with.

  2. Having fun - Playing with others is fun, fun, fun. Playing music together and hearing each person’s contribution is amazing. Everyone has a role in working together on time or playing a certain section. It’s a game, a challenge and puts a smile on every kid's face.

  3. Learning different musical skills - Playing an instrument is one thing. Learning to play with others? That’s something else! It’s a skill that transcends music. Learning to listen will always be a valuable skill. Playing with someone who starts slower or faster. Some kids slow down at certain parts because it’s challenging. Patience, listening and seeing or hearing the big picture is a skill.

  4. They can learn faster - We’ve seen it! The motivation is infectious and can bring out the best in students. They see others doing it and think, “I can do it, too!” What confines a student trying to learn a song alone can be flipped and freeing when playing with others. Teamwork can push to bring the best out of a student.

  5. Keeps the practice and motivation going - When you’re a part of something, you don’t want to let your team down (or be the only one who makes mistakes) This can be a fantastic motivator. They can see the payoff of working towards the next class.

  6. The shy ones grow confidence (or can still be shy)! Music can make the shy bold and the bold shy! The cool thing about a group kids class is you can hide or shine! Shy students can grow confidence with playing and play with more purpose and conviction.

  7. Takes the pressure off - Kids are busy. Practice doesn't always happen, and this can be a great relief because your child can chill in class and not worry if they're a little behind. Especially if there’s a section that they find tricky. Until they have the part down, they don’t feel demoralized if they can’t get it. They're not highlighted because of the others and can effectively learn.



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